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The vision

Smaller is smarter

At Inorevia, we believe that the next step in laboratory automation is miniaturization through microfluidics. By using a unique and patented combination of microfluidics and magnetic particles, our technology enables the automation of high througput, low volumes biological analyses for biology and medicine.

Low volumes

The technologies developped by Inorevia manipulates nanoliter volumes, drastically reducing reagents and samples consumptions.

Easy automation

Parallelization and complete automation accelerate complex biology protocols and reduce downtimes.


Computer-assisted flow control and contamination-free technology ensure robustness and reproducibility of your results.


Our protocol-agnostic technology is compatible with a wide range of applications in biology and medicine.

The people

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Inorevia's technology stems from 15 years of research led at the Institute Curie (UMR168, CNRS).
Inorevia continues to receive strong national and regional support, particularly from the Ile de France region.

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Latest news from Inorevia

August 10th 2019

Inorevia received a 2M€ grant from the European Comission to apply it's core technology to sample preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing. More details here:

September 18th 2018

Inorevia received a grant from "Région Ile de France" for an ambitious project in microfluidics.

July 17th 2018

Inorevia is proud to be amongst the winners of the 2018 Headstart Funding Programme by EIT Health, to promote game-changing technology in healthcare. More information here.

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Inorevia is a spin-off from the Institut Curie, leveraging several patented technologies developped by a world renowed team of researchers in the field of microfluidics.
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